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Fernetti is a significant and famous member of Liberalia. He has finished a term as Prime Minister of Liberalia. In addition, he is also currently a temporary guardian and vice president of the Liberal Party. Just prior to the December 2006 elections Fernetti became Leader of the Popular Front and Leader of the Opposition to the Fishyguy Goverment. He is widely expected to lead the Popular Front into what would be his second term as Prime Minister


[edit] Arrival and Early activity

Fernetti was originally U.N Delegate/Leader of The Democratic world alliance. However, the regional activity there was near dead, as well as the fact that many had left. After several failed recruitment attempts, in April of 2006, he decided to abandon the region, and left to move into liberalia, which he found as a much bigger and more suitable region. Fernetti announced his open support for Carops during that election. He also joined the liberal party, and was later assigned vice chairman of it.

[edit] Carops' second term

During Carops' second term, Fernetti made a name for himself. He became Secretary of foreign affairs, and despite not having much of a duty, he began to understand the basics of liberalia, and contributed to parliament with such bills as The Verbal abuse act. He was also very active within the liberal party during this term.

[edit] RTI Term

Under RTI, Fernetti finally started getting some good positions and was becoming one of the top members of liberalia. He was elected into the guardian council (which will be discussed later), as well as becoming the minister of services. By the end of this highly transitional period for Liberalia, Fernetti was becoming an older member. At the end of this term, after 4 1/2 months, Fernetti announced he was running for Prime Minister, opposite Soccersian.

[edit] Election and Term as PM

Many supported Fernetti and praised him as being a fair and reasonable citizen of Liberalia, as well as a peacemaker and not biased of anyone. He went up against Soccersian in August of 2006, and the results proved to be the most shocking in history. It was a tied election.

Since they're were no laws to cover this, Fernetti and Soccersian decided to run the region as Co-Prime Ministers. Considering Fernetti's leftist-liberal-socialist ideas and Soccersian's conservative ideas, it was particularly interesting that the two agreed to such.

The cabinet went smoothly, but shortly after Soccersian began pressuring cabinet members, abusing them and threatening to fire them. He also was not acting with his co-prime minister, and was making negotiations with the serenade behind his and the region's back, after the two agreed to lift the ban between the two regions. Soccersian, with the pressure of members, resigned on his own and handed the position to Fernetti.

As head prime minister, Fernetti became the first liberal prime minister ever. And in light of all the chaos between the serenade and Liberalia. Fernetti decided to make a big decision. He announced his dissatisfaction with the hostility between liberalia and there enemy region the serenade, and deemed it as pointless and immature. He announced he was lifting the ban and would try and make peace with the other region, talking out there problems. He began confronting members such as latagon and four hectares, and discussed the problems they had. He was eventually able to put an end to the spying incidents and war, through his calm, peaceful and reasonable ways, which many serenadians appreciated and the two regions decided to put an end to fighting. Many Liberalians were also impressed with this, as liberalia had been in chaos for a while.

Fernetti also began encouraging the ministries to work on progressive and leftist legislation. Through the region, him and the likings of Curiaistan and many service ministry members started writing bills such as Higher Education act, which permitted Free Public College Tuition. He also helped write or inspire ideas for Banning of Capital Punishment, Stem Cell Research and Prostitution Act. It is because of this Fernetti's term has been praised.

[edit] Fishyguy term

After his term ended, Fernetti was appointed and is now currently serving as Interior Minister in Fishyguy's term. He has since then been re-elected to the guardian council.

[edit] Guardian Council

Coming soon....

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